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Moroccan Modernity

project size. 11,947 s.f.

project length. 3 weeks

learning level. 3rd year

programs/skills used. revit modeling | photoshop


The goal was to design a custom light fixture to be modeled digitally. After digital modeling, the fixture was required to be rendered and photoshopped into a space fitting its intended context.

The fixture, 'Coalesce' refers to two things coming together as one whole. Within the design, aspects of tradition and modernity combine to develop the fixture. The lamp serves as a contemporary take on a Moroccan lantern, with traditional aspects stemming from the original shape while more modern elements display minimalism in both materials and clean lines. While traditional Moroccan lanterns utilize intricate details to create intrinsic shadows, the contemporary fixture utilizes the juxtaposition of negative and positive space through the use of much simpler forms to maintain shadow play. The use of chrome relates to a more contemporary feel while the natural wooden spokes reference a more traditional and natural style. The lamp itself is cylindrical and emits a warm glow similar to that of the candlelit  traditional Moroccan lamps. 



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