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Winter Wonderland

project size. 144 s.f.

project length. 2 weeks

learning level. 3rd year

programs/skills used. revit modeling | revit rendering 


The goal was to design an immersive micro-museum for a traveling road show to recruit students to visit said location. This location could be fictional or physical, and as such, Narnia was chosen. 

As Lucy stumbles through the wardrobe and is met with the icy landscape of Narnia, she is filled with awe and sheer amazement upon the sight of trees flogged in snow illuminated by a single eerie lamppost. The goal of the design was to encapsulate the awe of viewing a snowy landscape such as Narnia. As users enter the William Johnson building they will find themselves suddenly meandering through a winter wonderland of their own, and the wonder Lucy experienced upon encountering Narnia for the first time will be mimicked in the eye of the visitor.



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