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Taste of Tally

project size. 6,600 s.f.

project length. 3 weeks

learning level. 4th year

programs/skills used. revit modeling | lumion rendering | photoshop


The declining retail landscape paired with the current pandemic has weakened the Tallahassee economy. Those most impacted prove to be the underserved communities consisting of the homeless, student, and refugee populations alike. The existing divide between these underserved populations and the Tallahassee community at large will be bridged through the design of a facility that is inclusive of all.

​Integrating the community with the underserved population will help ‘bridge the gap’ that currently divides Tallahassee. Food is both a necessity and a commodity that spans cultures, generations, and divides. The dinner table is where many important conversations and heartfelt memories are shared. Incorporating cooking, food, and dining into the space creates a comforting and familiar experience. Social interactions will be encouraged through community dining options and strategic furniture placement. A warm, inviting color palette draws users in while cool accent tones provide a sense of peace in gathering areas. Natural elements and finishes create a residential feel while hard surfaces provide for easy cleaning and durability. Ultimately, users will alleviate stress while taking in restorative views and participating in creative outlets. The proposed community kitchen will serve as a space that provides refuge, socialization, and a warm meal for all. 



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